Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventure Day 1

This morning marked the first day of our adventure throughout Europe. We started at the Angers train station bright and early (6am!) departing first to Paris, and the on to Brussels, so we thought.

After arriving in Paris, we got on the Metro to the bus station. When we got to the bus station, we tried checking in to the 9am train we were supposed to take, but were told that it was all full, so we would be instead departing at 5pm. Since we had nothing else to do, we decided to wander around Paris, where we finally ended up at the Jardin du Luxembourg. It was truly beautiful.

After spending the day in the jardin, we made our way back to the buses where we were allowed to check in and finally on our way.

When we got to Brussels, we wandered around for a while until we finally found our hostel, with the help of many maps and a hotel concierge. We are doing plenty more wandering around tomorrow, so I'll update you all as the adventure continues.

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